An Introduction to Property Bonds

For Experienced Investors

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A comprehensive free guide for experienced investors. An Introduction to Property Bonds delivers information on how asset-backed property bonds can provide easy access to the high-yielding property market, offer potentially tax-free returns when Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) eligible, and present the opportunity to diversify an investor’s portfolio.

In detail, the guide explores:
- How property bonds can provide potentially higher returns against a backdrop of low interest rates
- Why property bonds have increased in popularity, and how they can offer an attractive hands-off approach to the property sector
- How investors can get involved with property bonds through tax-efficient methods including the IFISA, SIPP and SSAS pensions


As a high earner, you're likely wanting to maximise the returns your hard earned capital can generate, whilst taking a balanced approach towards investment risk.

The property sectors has, for a long time, been a popular way for experienced investors in particular to achieve this.

But in recent times, the likes of direct property development and buy-to-let have diminished in popularity. Many investors have been searching for a way to access the high yields attainable through the property sector, with a more hands-off approach.

MAVEN Bonds Chairperson Simon Lenney 2

Author of the Guide

"For experienced investors wanting easy access to the benefits of the property sector, without the downsides of traditional property investment such as buy-to-let, asset-backed property bonds can be an attractive consideration."

How can investing into a property bond help you build a diversified portfolio, with the potential to earn tax-free returns?

Download An Introduction to Property Bonds, your free guide by Simon Lenney, MAVEN Bonds Independent Chairman and former Barclays Bank and Yorkshire Bank Area Director.