An rundown of the returns you can expect over the life of your bond.



What returns can I expect?

MAVEN Bonds aims to provide bondholders with the following return over the life of the bonds.

These figures are based on an example investment of £100,000 by an additional rate taxpayer who holds their bonds in a MAVEN Bonds IFISA and who subscribes in the first tranche and therefore holds their bonds for the full two or four year term.

Investors who hold their bonds directly (outside of an IFISA or pension wrapper) will be subject to withholding tax at 20% and may have to pay further tax on interest received unless they are a basic rate taxpayer.

Series One ASeries One BSeries Two ASeries Two B
Annual Interest Rate7.75%5.75%6.75%4.75%
Funds Invested£100,000£100,000£100,000£100,000
Total Return£131,000£123,000£113,500£109,500
Quarterly IncomeN/A£1437.50N/A£1187.50
Annual IncomeN/A£5750N/A£4750
Total Income£31,000£23,000£13,500£9500
Gross Equivalent Return14.09%10.45%12.27%8.64%
This calculation does not take into account the personal savings allowance of £1,000 for a basic-rate taxpayer or £500 for a higher-rate taxpayer.