4 Year Maturity Fixed Term Bond

Series Three BOND

up to 4 Years


Interest paid On Maturity

Term remaining 39 Months


Returns: £1,251.88

Confirm your DIRECT investment amount.





Returns include your original capital investment plus interest.

Your capital is at risk, investment is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)


Bond Term Details

Bond term start:
1st March 2020
Bond term end:
28th February 2024
Open for investment:
29th February 2020

The total term length for this Bond is 4 years.

You can invest into this bond from 29th February 2020

Please note that the Bond runs from 1st March 2020 and ends midnight on 28th February 2024, so you will only see a return on your investment (paid On Maturity) within these time frames.

Interest rate for this bond is 7.75%. The remaining term for this bond is 39 Months.

The minimum investment amount for this bond is £1,000.

Prospective Bondholders should also read and carefully consider the relevant Information Memorandum and Final Terms, which covers the specific risk considerations associated with an individual offer.

  • Invest from £1000
  • 4 Year term
  • Asset backed
  • Interest payable on maturity