Who are SIPPs for?

SIPPs are for anyone who wants to take more control over their retirement savings.


Who are SIPPs for?

If you’re an experienced investor disillusioned with your standard personal pension, a SIPP is worth your time and consideration. 

To open a SIPP, you must be under the age of 75, and you can’t access your SIPP until you are 55. You can open a SIPP for yourself, or for someone else. 

SIPPs are most suitable for people who want more control over their retirement savings, but they’re not risk free. You should be an experienced investor who knows what you’re letting yourself in for, and you need to understand and be comfortable with the risks associated with a SIPP.

You should also;

  • Be comfortable with your own investment decisions
  • Want a wide range of investment choices
  • Be willing to keep track of and monitor the performance of your SIPP
  • Have a large pension fund, or intend on making significant pension contributions
  • Have an independent financial advisor to make decisions on your behalf (particularly if you opt for a Full SIPP)

Some people also choose to open a Junior SIPP for their child in order to give their retirement savings a head start.